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Why is it important to have attorney representation in a personal injury case?

Most personal injury cases involve insurance companies.    The first part of a personal injury case usually involves an attempt to settle the case with the insurance company.   If the insurance company’s adjustor realizes that he or she is dealing with an unrepresented party (someone who does not have an attorney), the adjuster will probably try to settle the case quickly and for the lowest amount of money possible.    It is important to hire an attorney as quickly as possible after an accident.    

Insurance companies also try to gather the information they want,  before an attorney is involved in a case.  This includes taking statements from the parties involved in the accident, taking photographs and speaking with witnesses in the case.     If you involve an attorney early in the case, he or she will be able to gather information and prevent the insurance company from obtaining information that they may not be entitled to.

Attorneys also have a lot more experiencing presenting a case to an adjuster in a clear and convincing manner.    Your attorney will also have a much better sense as to what a fair value is on a case and can guide you through settlement negotiations.  If the right attorney is involved, the adjuster will know that if the case does not settle, the attorney will not hesitate to file a lawsuit against the party they insure.   Of course if the case does not settle, your attorney can file a lawsuit and handle the case all the way through a trial, if necessary. 

If there is no insurance in a case, it is also important to speak to an attorney because he or she can find out if there are any other potential sources of money available to the defendant that could be used to pay for your injuries.    The bottom line is an experienced personal injury attorney has the experience and understanding of how to handle a case and get you the fairest settlement/judgment possible.

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