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I know it has been a long time since I last posted to this blog.  Things have been so busy between work, training and family commitments…busy but good.   That being said, I did have to take a little time off because I had family visiting and we took them on vacation.   However, I am happy to report that my bike finally came in and I have now started to ride.   The timing was great in a way – with the warmer spring weather – it is definitely nice to be outside.   I actually did my first ride down in Delaware while we were on vacation.  I did 14 miles which was not bad for my first time out.    Once I  got my bike – I decided to go one step further and get the clip pedals put on that are accompanied by the special shoes (they look like cleats).   My very first day – at the bike shop – I fell in the parking lot (for those of you who do not know, your feet are clipped to the pedal and you have to release them in order to step down).    It takes a little getting used to, but I am starting to like them.   I was able to take a longer ride today and rode for 35 miles on fairly hilly terrain.  We will have to see how my legs are doing tomorrow!


Since it has been some time since my last post, I thought the best thing would be to update you on my current training regiment.   As you might recall, the trainer I met with gave me a metabolic circuit program that he thought would be helpful to train for the transitions in a triathlon.   I have been going through that circuit two times per week at the gym and I definitely find it challenging.   On those days I also try to get in some light cardio work.   I have also increased my swims from one time per week to two times per week.  Based on some information I read, I am trying to spend one of my two swims working on my stroke.  The other day I just try to swim for endurance.  I am up to 80 laps now on a really good day 90  (in two sets of 40 + 10) and I definitely find it tiring but hope that it will help me.  I try to run one day per week too.   

I finally ordered a bike (a Cannondale Feminie) but didn’t want to spend too much money so I purchased an aluminum frame rather than a carbon fiber frame.   I was initially told the bike would be in the store in about one week to ten days.  Well now I have been informed that the frame is on back order and will not be in until May1st!   This stressed me out a little because I really was hoping to start riding, however, there is not much I can do about it  – unless I want to spend more and get a carbon fiber frame.   Today was a beautiful day and I am so glad that things should just get better and better weather wise.   Once it does get consistently warm, hopefully, I will be able to get outside to run and to ride!  Till next time…


I met with the trainer about a week and half ago and we talked a lot about my goals.   We also did the BMI check and body fat percentage check and I was in a healthy range…which was good to see.  It was not an active session, more of an educational session.   I learned a lot (the trainer really seems to know what he is talking about).   We scheduled a second appointment to have an active session up in the gym.    The trainer explained that in order to train for a triathalon, you obviously need to condition for the swimming, biking and running, however, one of the things that people often miss is training for the transitions in a triathalon. 

He said that this was something he could help me achieve in the gym by doing circuits short intense cardio alternated by strength training.  He also stated that once it got warmer that I should practice the actual transitions by swimming and then hopping on the bike and riding or riding and hopping off the bike and running.   The workout he took me through was pretty intense but it felt very effective.       I am also excited to say that the bike I ordered should be coming in soon.   I am looking forward to starting that part of my training because at this point, that is probably my weakest area of the three.  The swimming is going fairly well and the running is as it usually is.   I never seem to find it easy but I get through it.   I went for a run outside yesterday, probably about 4.1 miles.   It felt good to be outdoors again!


Things went well at the pool yesterday – I swam 61 laps.   I did one set of 50 and one set of 11 (I like doing the extra one lap for good luck).  If my calculations are correct, the swim for the IronGirl is about 40 laps.  It will be different swimming in a lake of course (no ends to push off of and an inability to see the bottom) but swimming at the pool seems like a good way to train in the winter/spring.   Of all things, my neck was hurting today.  I am sure it is because of the position I keep it in while I am swimming freestyle and breaststroke.   

Just to give you a little background info, I started swimming in the beginning of December.  I could only do about 4 laps at a time but I would try to do 40 total.   I still can’t swim the entire distance doing strictly freestyle.   My understanding is that most people do swim freestyle but you are allowed to swim any stroke.  I am sure I will end up with a combination of freestyle and breaststroke on race day.   I have an appt. with a trainer at the gym tommorow at 6:30 a.m.   When I spoke to him today he said something about metabolic training being helpful to prepare for the transitions in a triathlon.   I will fill you in once I find out more…


Wow, today was a busy day.  I started the day with a seminar in New Britain.  After that ended, I took a ride down to Bridgeport to check some land records and to take a look at a file at the Bridgeport Superior Court.   From there it was back up to North Haven to the post office and finally over to the gym.   It was so cold today.  I cannot wait to be able to get outside again for a run!  I was hoping to do more but I only did four miles on the treadmill (I know some people don’t consider that real running but it definitely helps  me to keep running during the winter). 

I know I need to start increasing my workouts but I was struggling with my run today.  I am trying to figure out why there are days that I feel like I can keep running forever and there are days like today where getting to four miles is a challenge.  We all know that people have good days and bad days but I am sure it also has to do with what I have eaten during the day, the amount of rest I have gotten, etc.- because the difference (in how I feel) can be drastic.  I will have to try to pay a little more attention to what I have taken in on a “good day” so I can test it out and hopefully use that as my diet plan close to the race.  Tommorrow is a pool day.  I am aiming for about 60 laps  (when i started I was doing 40 so I’m making some progress).  Let’s hope I feel better than I did today!