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I met with the trainer about a week and half ago and we talked a lot about my goals.   We also did the BMI check and body fat percentage check and I was in a healthy range…which was good to see.  It was not an active session, more of an educational session.   I learned a lot (the trainer really seems to know what he is talking about).   We scheduled a second appointment to have an active session up in the gym.    The trainer explained that in order to train for a triathalon, you obviously need to condition for the swimming, biking and running, however, one of the things that people often miss is training for the transitions in a triathalon. 

He said that this was something he could help me achieve in the gym by doing circuits short intense cardio alternated by strength training.  He also stated that once it got warmer that I should practice the actual transitions by swimming and then hopping on the bike and riding or riding and hopping off the bike and running.   The workout he took me through was pretty intense but it felt very effective.       I am also excited to say that the bike I ordered should be coming in soon.   I am looking forward to starting that part of my training because at this point, that is probably my weakest area of the three.  The swimming is going fairly well and the running is as it usually is.   I never seem to find it easy but I get through it.   I went for a run outside yesterday, probably about 4.1 miles.   It felt good to be outdoors again!

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