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Since it has been some time since my last post, I thought the best thing would be to update you on my current training regiment.   As you might recall, the trainer I met with gave me a metabolic circuit program that he thought would be helpful to train for the transitions in a triathlon.   I have been going through that circuit two times per week at the gym and I definitely find it challenging.   On those days I also try to get in some light cardio work.   I have also increased my swims from one time per week to two times per week.  Based on some information I read, I am trying to spend one of my two swims working on my stroke.  The other day I just try to swim for endurance.  I am up to 80 laps now on a really good day 90  (in two sets of 40 + 10) and I definitely find it tiring but hope that it will help me.  I try to run one day per week too.   

I finally ordered a bike (a Cannondale Feminie) but didn’t want to spend too much money so I purchased an aluminum frame rather than a carbon fiber frame.   I was initially told the bike would be in the store in about one week to ten days.  Well now I have been informed that the frame is on back order and will not be in until May1st!   This stressed me out a little because I really was hoping to start riding, however, there is not much I can do about it  – unless I want to spend more and get a carbon fiber frame.   Today was a beautiful day and I am so glad that things should just get better and better weather wise.   Once it does get consistently warm, hopefully, I will be able to get outside to run and to ride!  Till next time…

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