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Wow, today was a busy day.  I started the day with a seminar in New Britain.  After that ended, I took a ride down to Bridgeport to check some land records and to take a look at a file at the Bridgeport Superior Court.   From there it was back up to North Haven to the post office and finally over to the gym.   It was so cold today.  I cannot wait to be able to get outside again for a run!  I was hoping to do more but I only did four miles on the treadmill (I know some people don’t consider that real running but it definitely helps  me to keep running during the winter). 

I know I need to start increasing my workouts but I was struggling with my run today.  I am trying to figure out why there are days that I feel like I can keep running forever and there are days like today where getting to four miles is a challenge.  We all know that people have good days and bad days but I am sure it also has to do with what I have eaten during the day, the amount of rest I have gotten, etc.- because the difference (in how I feel) can be drastic.  I will have to try to pay a little more attention to what I have taken in on a “good day” so I can test it out and hopefully use that as my diet plan close to the race.  Tommorrow is a pool day.  I am aiming for about 60 laps  (when i started I was doing 40 so I’m making some progress).  Let’s hope I feel better than I did today!

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