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Things went well at the pool yesterday – I swam 61 laps.   I did one set of 50 and one set of 11 (I like doing the extra one lap for good luck).  If my calculations are correct, the swim for the IronGirl is about 40 laps.  It will be different swimming in a lake of course (no ends to push off of and an inability to see the bottom) but swimming at the pool seems like a good way to train in the winter/spring.   Of all things, my neck was hurting today.  I am sure it is because of the position I keep it in while I am swimming freestyle and breaststroke.   

Just to give you a little background info, I started swimming in the beginning of December.  I could only do about 4 laps at a time but I would try to do 40 total.   I still can’t swim the entire distance doing strictly freestyle.   My understanding is that most people do swim freestyle but you are allowed to swim any stroke.  I am sure I will end up with a combination of freestyle and breaststroke on race day.   I have an appt. with a trainer at the gym tommorow at 6:30 a.m.   When I spoke to him today he said something about metabolic training being helpful to prepare for the transitions in a triathlon.   I will fill you in once I find out more…

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