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What am I entitled to be compensated for?

In a personal injury case, the types of damages or compensation that you are entitled to are called economic and non-economic damages.   Economic damages mean specific financial losses that are quantifiable.  For example, economic damages include things like medical bills, lost wages, lost future income, etc.   Non-economic damages refer to things such as pain and suffering, an inability to perform activities of daily living, mental anxiety and stress.     

When an attorney looks at a case, he or she can come up with a figure representing the economic damages rather quickly.   However, it is the non-economic damages that are difficult to agree on and are subject to the opinion of the client, the claims adjustor and the attorney.   Everyone has a different opinion as to what someone’s pain and suffering  or emotional distress might be worth. 

In certain specific instances, you may also be entitled to something called punitive damages.   These are a type of money damage that are intended to serve as part of a punishment to the defendant.   For example, you may be entitled to punitive damages in a case where someone causes an accident because they were driving recklessly.    The type of damages you are entitled to really depend upon the specifics involved in your case.

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